1. I would rather die ---- suffer such humiliation.

2. Justice delayed ------- (Complete the proverb.)

3. He was punished ---- insubordination.

4. ‘Ex parte’ means

5. A good dancer------- three hours a day.

6. You will not find them wanting ---- enthusiasm.

7. The company I am working in has ---- European as its head.

8. When the light went out, we ---- food.

9. The workers are staging a hunger-strike tomorrow. (Turn it into passive voice.)

10. Which of the following words is opposite in meaning to the word ‘genuine’?

11. When water is heated, we ---- steam.

12. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the gap in the following sentence: Note-making ---- learning.

13. Cattle ----- a common sight on Indian roads.

14. No one can correct him, --------- ?

15. Which word is incorrectly spelt?

16. The thieves ----- with many valuable things in the house.

17. Many a man ----- failed to reach the top of that mountain.

18. ------ they saw the VIP, they stood up.

19. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word ‘authentic’?

20. Wealth is not so important ---- health.