1. Her performance at the concert ------- admiration from the audience.

2. A cow gives milk (Put into the plural):

3. ----- a single person knew the answer.

4. The President-elect is the bête noir of the illegal immigrants. 'Bête noir' means ----

5. They speak French and German in Switzerland (Into the passive voice):

6. The child ----- its father in looks.

7. What kind of a house do you -------?

8. In which part of the sentence is the mistake?

9. "Where do you come from?" He asked. (Put into indirect speech):

10. 'Panacea' means -------

11. This isn't all the food we have, -------?

12. August 15 is a red-letter day in Indian history. 'A red-letter day' means -------.

13. One of the -------- injured.

14. ---- when have you been employed here?

15. Choose the correct spelling:

16. You must be ------- if you have never heard of Subhas Chandra Bose.

17. The old man is sitting ---- an armchair.

18. Both the Governor ----- the Chief Minister attended the function.

19. He usually signs ---- green ink.

20. He wants ---- NOC from his employer to apply for a passport.

21. We planned to meet at the park around 7 pm, but he failed to turn up. 'Turn up' means

22. I -------- him two years ago.

23. I don't think he can ------- the situation.

24. 'To make both ends meet' means -----

25. Procrastination is the thief of time. 'Procrastination' means -------